Monday, January 19, 2015

Day 9 -- Our Last Day in Hawaii

Day 9  January 4, 2015

We had just a couple of places left on our list of things to do today. 

Our first stop was Richardson Beach Park.  Well it was not exactly where we were headed but it was where we ended up and it was beautiful.  

We saw a Hawaiian Monk Seal.  

Next we drove Rainbow Falls, I was not exactly happy about hiking to another falls.  However I was so happy when we pulled up and we did not have to hike anywhere!  Yeah!  We did not see rainbows in fact you can see the shadows in my pictures.

Then it was time to drive back to Kona.  We wanted to stop and see if the Queen’s Palace was open.  It was not….so we decided to have lunch at a Pub on the ocean so Joe could get football updates.  I wanted to order sweet potato fries that were orange. 

We walked around the town for a while and then for dinner we ate at Kona Brewery Pub.  I had a delicious strawberry chicken spinach salad and Joe had fish tacos.  As we drove to the airport we saw the moon rise above the mountains.  First we saw a bright glow above the mountains and then slowly the moon rose.  We were on the freeway and we could not stop to take a picture but it was so beautiful. 

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