Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happiness to all for 2015

Every year I like to set some goals for myself.  Unfortunately I am not as good at meeting those goals.  Yet I am optimistic each year and I set them anyways.  I took last years goals/guidelines and I updated them for 2015.  I am not changing my core beliefs because I still value the same things.  I just need to continue to focus on them and accomplish them.  My ultimate goal remain the same:
Be The Best Version Of Yourself 

How will I get there by focusing on four areas in my life:  Healthy Living, Family, Home, School and Daily Reflection.  

"Every little sacrifice you make daily will be a blessing later."
I am not sure where I found this quote but it will be my mantra for the year.  I will be making lots of sacrifices in order to lead a happy and healthy life.  
Healthy Living:
I feel like a broken record when it comes to this area each year but it continues to be true.  This year the doctors have stepped in and given me guidelines to follow: gluten free, dairy free and citrus free.   Thanks this sounds impossible.  However I must do this for my family and myself.  I need to be a healthy person in order to be happy and alive. 
1.     Reprogram Yourself to be Healthy
·      Drink Lots of Clean Pure Water
·      Go To Bed Early so you have time to Read-Think-Reflect
·      Eat Natural Grown Healthy Foods……...move away from grains and sugar.
·      Exercise Daily
·      Take Vitamins
·      Self Control and Discipline is a gift to you. I will avoid putting anything that is poisonous or toxic into my body.
I try hard to put family first, except for one person, my husband.  We always do work first.  That needs to change.  I am trying hard to make sure we spend some time together as well.  I am also trying to get my work done at work so that when my children stop home I am able to visit with them.  I want to set aside more time to spend with Haddie as well she is growing so fast.

I am still working on my yearlong plan to get my lesson plans to a point where I do not need to redo them each year, just update them.  That will save a ton of time.  I try my best to correct as much as possible at school during any break I get so I am not taking home a bag full of work.  Also I need to do more during the summer, one project a day.
This has been hard with the kids moving out.  I still have one junk room to go through.  I want to go back to setting up simple weekly goals that Joe and I can achieve.  Downsize is the name of the game.  Focus on one project at a time. 

Reading and blogging time have been nonexistent for the last several months.  I am so busy working and doing housework I don’t have time to breath or think of myself.  This definitely needs to change.   I need to go to stopping house and school work at 8:30 and go back to exercising and reading.   

In the past I made fancy charts of what I want to accomplish only to fall short on the lists.  So instead I am making a list of things I want to accomplish each month.  This is a working document so it will change as the year goes on.  I even left the last several months empty to make room for new ideas.  

2015  List of Projects
·     set weekly goals

·      Work on Cleaning and Painting Closet Room
·      2013 TVBC Blurb Book Jan. – June
·      Buy photo books for student books and create covers
·      Buy and Put together closet room furniture
·      40 bags in 40 days
·      2013 TVBC Blurb Book June – Dec.
·      Create First Day Pictures and class pictures 
·      Clean and Paint Guest Bedroom Closet
·      Yellowstone Blurb Book
·      Add September/October Pictures in Class books
·      shelf for bowls in kitchen & one for dining room
·      Hawaii Blurb book
·      Add November/December Pictures in Class books
·      order new windows for 2nd floor
·      2014 Fruity Lemonade Blurb book Jan. – June
·      Add Jan. February/ March/April Pictures to Class books
·      Paint and organize garage
·      2014 Fruity Lemonade Blurb book June – Dec.
·      May/June in class books
·     Class gifts for the year
·     Teacher apples
·     Organize Advent Calendar for Haddie
·     2014 TVBC Blurb Book Jan - Jun
·     Get Ready for school
·     2014 TVBC Blurb Book
·     July – Dec. 

  • Think about ordering shades for kitchen
·     Albuquerque Scrapbook
·     Start a Menu Planning Book
·     Start Planning Christmas

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