Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hawaii -- Day 5

December 31, 2014

Our hotel room is really nice and big compared to our last one and best of all we can see the ocean.  Our first stop of the day was to Kona Joe’s Coffee plantation.  Joe had a personal tour and learned all about the coffee growing process.  Joe’s fun fact:  Coffee beans are fruit.

Then we drove back to the Historic Kona area.  We went to the Hulihee Palace – sorry closed early on New Year’s Eve.  So we went to the First Church built in Hawaii. 

Next stop was the Kekaha Kai State Park – sorry again closed early for New Year’s Eve.  However the ranger was kind enough to send us down the road to another beach that would still be open for 30 minutes.  We checked out all the young people boogie boarding. 

We went back to our room go dressed up for New Year’s Eve and went out to a little Bistro we saw early in the day.  It was right on the ocean, Lava Java.  It was only a 45 min. wait and you had to bring your own bottle of wine.  So while we waited we went for some wine came back and got a great table.  Unfortunately they had run out of most of the food we were interested in so we had to be brave and choose something new.  The food was good and we enjoyed dinner by the ocean.  

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