Monday, March 9, 2015

Closet Check In

This is my original checklist for my closet room.  It has taken us a long time to do a little bit of work.  Mainly because I have been sick lately and we have not worked on the room much.  However we are hoping to take some big steps this week.  First we need to paint the room.  We bought the paint now we just need to find a few hours to paint.  Today I ordered the carpet. 

So now I am getting exciting……I can see the end of the project soon. 

One of the big decisions I need to make is how am I going to organized my scarves.  Do I want to have them in a drawer, on a shelf or hanging on hooks???  I am not sure yet what will be best for me.  

Here are some of my favorite ideas from Pinterest:

I like the little square shelves.  Each scarf could have it's own space.  The scarves would be folded up neatly and put away.

What I like about this next option is that I would be able to put things on top of the shelves, display some photos that I enjoy.  I would be able to just hang up the scarves and not worry about folding them.  

This idea would play into my keep things simple and neat mantra right now.  I like the idea that the scarves would be in a drawer and I would be able to close the drawer and nobody would see how many I have.  
I have a little time to think about it.  

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