Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Closet Room

Now that my children have moved out of my house I have extra rooms.  I turned one of my extra rooms into my office/craft room and now the other room I turned into my closet.  I sort of feel selfish turning the extra rooms into rooms for myself, however my husband did not want to use the space.  He wants to the basement for his space.  

The first thing I did was organize my jewelry.  I moved my desk (Pottery Barn) in here from my office.  I was not working at it so it made sense to move it in here.  I found picture frames in the basement and covered them with contact paper.  Then I added clear 3m hooks.  The bird cage jewelry rack is from World Market.

 I had these clear containers from Target and they fit perfectly on the shelves.   I sorted my bracelets and watches in them.  I used one divided for phone covers.
 I had all these clear dividers from my desk.  I did order and the black boards from amazon so I could have all the same colored boards in the drawer.
 This is the South Wall of the closet.  I moved my old Ikea shelf and laundry baskets in here.  I sprayed some hooks white for my scarves.
When I first hung up the scarves they looked very messy.  I saw on Pinterest that some people use shower hooks to hang up their scarves.  So I purchased some and it made a huge difference.  Now they look more organized and they are easier to access. 
This is the North Wall.  These are the shelves my husband put together for me.  We found that at Home Depot.  I organized my tops by sleeveless, short sleeve and long sleeve tops.  On the shelves are my t-shirts and sweatshirts.

 This is the original closet.  I have my dresses and skirts in here.  I am going to get some shoe organizers some time this summer.
 This is the west wall of the closet.  I have my sweaters organized.  The short sweaters are on the top and the longer sweaters are on the bottom  I have my purses, jeans and shorts on the shelves.

I love how the room turned out.  It is so nice to be able to see what clothes you and not have to search to the back of the closet.  

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looks great! doing the same at my house & like your ideas
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