Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Spicy Project that is two years and counting

I have to be honest this project has been longer than two years.  This is something I have always thought.... there just has to be a better way to store these spices.  Years ago when we redid our kitchen cabinets I had two must haves in the new kitchen:  1.  White Cabinets (I did not get them.) 2.  A cabinet for spices.  (Again, I did not get that either.)

I really wanted something similar to this idea from Better House and Gardens.
Unfortunately that would not work out in the design because I had such a little kitchen and my hubby was not willing to expand the kitchen or combine it with the dining room.   So I had to let it go.  

However my mind was always thinking of places that I could put the spices.  Then I thought we could hang racks on the outside of one of the cabinets similar to this idea from Pinterest.... 

Again my hubby did not like that idea, however he did hang two racks inside a cabinet for me.  However these two pictures planted a seed inside my head......look at how nicely all the jars match.  I would love to do something like that.  I have a lot of mismatch spice jars.  I also need to be honest I have and obsession with matching things.

This blog post at Raising Up Rubies really tempted me.  I almost ran out and purchased lots of little mason jars and spray painted them, however I stopped myself more than once.  Where was I going to put them.  I needed to stay with the traditional size jars.  I decided to stick with the Spice Island jars because they fit the best in the rack and baskets I have.  However, I like the covers from the McCormick spices.  They are red like my kitchen.  So I am combining the two elements I like from each company.  

It has taken me two years to save jars and tops to have enough for the spices I use the most.  I keep those in the cabinet near the stove.  
My other spices I keep in the pantry closet.  I finally have enough of the same bottles so they all look the same.  

As I need to purchase refills.  I will buy the McCormick brand so I can start collecting the red tops.  I don't know how long that will take me.   It may take another two years, but for now I am happy that all the bottles are the same.   I am considering spray painting the covers red.  I need to ponder it a bit more.  

 I have the jars in alphabetical order in the baskets so they are easier to find.   
When I was finished the spices I clean and organized the entire closet.  

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