Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Spring Cleaning

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I know I am on Summer vacation, however it is technically Spring until June 21.  I usually spend the first week of my "Summer" vacation cleaning my house from top to bottom.  I have four more days left until summer and I feel like I am doing well.  

Of course I created a list of what needed to be done because I LOVE to cross things off the list.  

Spring Clean A Room A Day
·     Master Bedroom
·     Closet Room
·     Guest Room
·     Craft Room
·     All Bathroom Rooms & Hall Closet
·     Wash Upstairs Hallway walls/doors/floors
·     Living Room & Dining Room
·     Front Closet & Hallway
·     Kitchen
·     Laundry Room
·     Family Room & Back Closet
·     Man Cave
·     Basement Junk Area

·     Garage

OOK....maybe I spoke too soon.  I may have more on my list than I thought.  Sorry I have to go back to work.  No fun projects for me until I get my house cleaned!

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