Monday, June 22, 2015

Learning the Hard Way

Life Lessons are often hard to learn.  This weekend we experienced the second time a shelf came loose in our china cabinet.  About eight years ago the second shelf came loose on the china cabinet and we lost all our dessert dishes and some glasses from our wedding dishes.  My oldest son happened to be in the cabinet and he felt horrible about breaking our good dishes. 

We took a shelf from the bottom cabinet and replaced it in the top cabinet and my husband thought by putting clips above and below the shelves that would provide the reinforcement the shelves needed.  When my mother – in-laws moved out of her home and into a nursing home she gave us her china.  We felt very honored.  We only eat on the dishes on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.  

This weekend my husband was finally getting around to making a new shelf for the cabinet and when he went to slide the shelf into the lower cabinet and the same shelf fell again.  Luckily my husband was not hurt because the china fell on him.  He felt horrible that he broke his mother’s china.  Again we lost the dessert dishes and some glasses. 

He has decided to add a strip of wood below each shelf.  Hopefully this will provide the support needed for the shelves.  I really would like for him to paint inside the cabinets.  I will put that on my honey do list for winter. 

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