Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Favorites is so nice to be on Summer Vacation.  I have time to think, read, and plan for things other than school.  One of the big projects I want to tackle this summer is a Christmas gift for Haddie.

She is getting so big now.  At Christmas time she will be ready for an Advent Calendar.  My mother-in-law made one for our family to share when the kids were little and I would love to continue that tradition.  My kids loved reading the little slips each night at dinner during Advent.  Unfortunately  we lost some of the slips and parts of the calendar are missing.  
Over the past 14 years of teaching in a Catholic school I have come to love the little book version of the Advent story.  I want to incorporate these little books into my calendar.  

I actually would like to attempt to make this first one.  It would go along perfectly with the stories.  I do need to talk to my mother.  She will be the brains of the operation.  She knows how to sew.  One of the advantages of this advent calendar is that there are some templates provided at the site.  Otherwise I know I had my kindergarteners make a magnet version similar to this and I should have the coloring pages in my files.

This is another cute way of presenting the Advent Calendar however there is not a place to tell the story of Mary,  Joseph and Baby Jesus.
This one actually looks like the one my mother-in-law made for my children.  This is also a strong contender.  However, I really like the idea of focusing on the true meaning of Christmas.

I am also going to order Haddie the Nativity Scene from Fisher Price.  It is adorable.  I remember my kids always playing with my glass Nativity Scene when they were little.   This way her mommy and daddy don't have to remind her to be gentle.

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