Sunday, June 28, 2015

God's Good Plan for My Life

I was reading Joyce's inspiration for today and it reminded me that I need to be strong and just write.  This post has been on my mind for awhile.  I don't like to air my dirty laundry on the internet however you will notice a change in my blogging.  You may have even noticed that I haven't blogged much since January.  I have been dealing with an illness, it affects my daily life.  Shhh...don't tell anyone but last year I turned 50 and with that brings the dreaded colonoscopy and because of all my stomach issue I had an endoscopy too. Of course they found some things that were not right.  The doctors have recommended that I eat, gluten free, dairy free, and citrus free.  

What....ok gluten free was not that hard I was close to that already,  but no cheese, pudding, oranges and tomatoes.  This is another matter all together.  The doctor recommended that I look into the FODMAP diet which then led me to Wendy (a nutritionist) which introduced me to the SCD diet.  After months of confusion and frustration with food and some serious medicine, I an eating somewhere between the two diets thanks to Wendy.  

Where I am now....God's Good Plan for My Life....I may not know what the exact plan is however I am on a journey.  I believe that I can work through this and find a lifestyle that will be healthy for me.  

I have made a firm commitment to eat healthy within the SCD/FODMAP guidelines daily.  I am prepared to have the courage to eliminate extra sugar from my diet.  I will not purchase candy or gluten free cookies at the store, this includes mint lifesavers.  I promise to adhere to this framework in order to be healthy.  

What does healthy mean to me:
1.  I can go to new places without taking meds.
2.  I will eat only foods that are healthy for me so I will not have to deal with issues later.  
3.  I also want to lost 37 pounds and reduce my high blood pressure and maybe even discontinue taking that medicine. 

I know that God has given me this challenge and I need to do my best to complete this journey.  My reward with be a happy , healthy life with my family.  

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