Monday, July 13, 2015

Keep Going = Consistency

This week I felt much better.  I tried to incorporate many of the phase 1 foods from the scd diet and this seemed to help me get back on track.  However what I think was my real issue from last week was the iced green tea.  I think I can drink it once in a while for a special treat, however having it daily did not seem to work for me.    Also I figured out why I had headaches every morning, I am adjusting my dose of a medicine. 
One of the lessons I took away from reading this week was the importance of building a HEALTHY relationship with food and your body.   I also need to have some variety and make sure that I am always incorporating the basics.    I do get lots of cravings, however I need to take a step back and “Ask Myself ……What do I Really Want To Eat…..then figure out how to make it as healthy as possible. “   For me I might be craving cookies, well I don’t have any GF cookies on hand.  How can I meet that need for something sweet……try fruit!

“Knowing what you like to eat and believing that you have the right to enjoy food are key factors in a lifetime of weight control without dieting. “   This is a hard balance for me.  Knowing what I like to eat is food that is not good for me is different then thinking I have the right to eat that food. 

The authors also recommend that you do not weigh yourself.  This I would love to do.  Just forget about the scale, however my doctor expects me to lose weight and so I feel I need to weigh myself once a week. 

And with that said, I did not gain or lose weight this week.  I stayed the same. 

Weekly Goals:
1.  I will continue to do my best to eat 2 healthy veggie snacks a day.
2.  Eat fruit for sweet treats.
3.  Remain consistent with my exercise program and continue to build stamina. 


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