Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Favorites July 17

This week I was looking for some ideas for birthday cards for my first grade students.  I found some adorable choices.  I may even make a couple of these ideas for my family and friends.  
This first card is so cute, however making a mass amount of these would take forever. I love the rainbow colors.  It looks so simple.  

This card looks similar to the card I made for my mom for her birthday last year. I know it is easy to make.   


This card is so cute.  It reminds me of the card I made for my grand-daughter's first birthday.  

OK....I have no intention of making this card for my class.  However I am going to make it for my little grand-baby.  I just have to think of a good occasion.  

Here is the card I made, after I realized the one card was just like my mom's.  I decided I had all the supplies and it was the perfect idea.  I would not have to spend money on the cards.  
I think they turned out adorable.  I put seven candles on them because most of the children will be seven years old in first grade.  I know some our six 1/2 but it will be fine.  

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