Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Weekend in Michigan

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Over the weekend we drove our daughter to Traverse City, Michigan to visit a friend.  She really did not need us to drive her there but I thought it was a good excuse to get away for the weekend.  It took us a long time to drive. We hit a lot of construction in Indiana and Michigan AND of course there was the weekend traffic too.  

I know there are lots of wonderful places to see in Michigan but we were looking for a relaxing weekend.  So we pretty much stayed in Traverse City.  Believe it or not, we stayed in the same hotel we stayed in about 12 years ago when we took the kids, The Grand Beach Hotel.  

This little towel elephant was waiting on the bed for us when we arrived!
This was the view from our room.  I insisted we had a beach side view.  I knew the sunsets would be beautiful.  
My husband and I like to bike.  On Saturday we went out for a ride on the Tart Trail.  Four miles out it started to pour....luckily we found shelter at a old train station that is now a pub.  When the rain slowed down we went back to the hotel....waited for the storm to pass and went back out again for a total of 27 miles.  

It rained for just a few minutes the second time too.  Luckily we were back in town and found shelter by a bank to sit under until it stopped.  

The second day we went on the Leelanau Trail.  We only rode 20 miles of the trail.  I was tried. The trail was beautiful.  It was a country trail that started out with lots and lots of trees and then changed into farms.   

After our bike ride we were very thirty so drove to two wineries for tasting.   We found the Brengman Brothers....
and the Black Star Farm.  

It just doesn't matter how much wine I taste, I just like Riesling wine.  The sweeter the better!

We walk around the downtown area for a bit too.  We found these cherries covered in white chocolate at Cherry Republic.  These are delicious.

Each evening ended with a walks on the beach, beautiful sunsets....and reading on the porch!

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