Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Favorites -- July 24

I am looking for ways to improve my photos.  I noticed on Pinterest that many bloggers have little  photo area set up in their office/craft room to get the best photos.  So I did a search of what I could do to improve my photos.  
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This is a simple idea just a tri-fold poster board.  The blogger even covered her boards with different fabrics for a variety of effects. 
3M Hooks and a simple rod could work as well and hang different fabrics for a backdrop. 
I like the vintage look of the wood.  This blogger painted both sides different colors.  Great idea.....
This window shade is another perfect idea.  The blogger for this one attached it to a large picture frame.   When the shade is up it can be a bulletin board or a large picture.  When you pull the shade down it is long enough to cover the counter as well and is a perfect backdrop for photos.  

All these are great ideas and I will need to talk it over with the husband and find out what will work best for us.   

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