Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Power Thought One

 Apparently I was reading in the wrong order.  I was reading the Power Thoughts Daily Inspirations before the actual book.  So I picked up the real book this week for my morning breakfast reading. It is a nice support for my healthy living journey which I struggle with daily.  

Despite trying to eat healthy, exercise daily and giving up candy, I still managed to gain weight this week.  Reflecting back on the week I realized I season everything with salt and pepper, mainly because that is a safe seasoning.  I need to cut back on the salt.  

Secondly I need to look at how much I am eating at lunch.  I believe I have too many calories there. 

I know this is a life long journey however it would be nice to see some progress/success even if it is just one pound in the right direction.  

I made Joyce's first Power Thought into a index card and some other quotes.  Joyce suggests reading these as often as possible to remind yourself and to pray for more strength. I am making four copies: Kitchen, Car, Desk at Work, Desk at Home and pray and read them each time I see them. 

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