Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My Christmas List for 2015

I am still recovering and balancing work so I am trying to keep Christmas simple this year.  

The first thing I am keeping simple is my Christmas List.  I feel like I have a lot of stuff and I really do not need a lot. 

I am really into angels at the moment.  My mother-in-law loved angels and she passed that interest on to me.  I have always loved the Willow Tree Angels and I have a couple.  I would love to add the Prayer Angel to my collection.  
I love the show Fixer Upper and if my husband would let me I would remodel my entire house to look like Joanna's designs.  However that will not happen.  So my goal is to addd one new "Joanna" thing to the house each month.  For Christmas I would love to get these jugs... White Jug Vases Small $28  Medium $32 Large $42.
Another thing I found on Joanna's site a an amazing leather purse.  I have found as we go out to eat that I need to carry some of my own safe foods.  I would like a nicer bag to carry because the food containers to not fit in my purse.  
Otherwise I think just basic gift cards are a safe bet.  I know many people do not like to give gift cards but I think they are great.   A lot of times I save the cards and then I can get something really nice.  The stores I like to shop at are:  Talbots, Pottery Barn and Magnolia Market and of course I can always put Starbucks cards to use.    

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