Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Gift 15 & 16 Reaching Out and Connecting in a Small Way

I am guilty of spending to much time working.  I have that bug where everything for work has to be perfect.  To be honest I push a lot of people away because I have so much work to do and then I have house work and then I really want to spend time with my own four children.  However I do have other important people in my life.  

So Monday I set my pile of school work aside and went with my husband and son's family to visit my mother in-law at the nursing home.  She does not realize who we are but she does know we care for her.  She did not seem happy to see us.  She said she did not feel good.  However we took her for a walk around the building and to see the birds.  She enjoyed seeing her great-grand-daughter however she did like that the baby was fussy.  She thought we were teasing her. 

I thought today I would reach out to my parents.  I set my work aside and just called.  I haven't talked to my dad and mom for a while.  My mom was sleeping so I talked to my dad.  We had a nice conversation about family.  

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