Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Gift 3 -- A Package of New Books

I have a problem……I own A LOT of books.  I love to read and I teach children to read so to say that I have a lot of books is really an understatement.  I could open up my own library/bookstore if I wanted. 

I am always buying new books.  I love new books.  I love to read them and share them and talk about them with my students.  I recently bought a pack of 27 chapter books in a series.  WHY?   I don’t know I thought my students will enjoy them.  However after some thought….and more thought I decided to give them to the another teacher today at my school as a gift.  Why?  She is moving to a new level and she does not have a lot of chapter books for her classroom.  In fact I decided to give her all my chapter books.  First graders can just enjoy amazing picture books.  

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