Thursday, June 30, 2016

Changes in the Kitchen

 Our kitchen table area has looked like this for the past several years.  Simple and easy to maintain.  One of the things I have disliked since we moved into the house over 20 years ago is the light fixture.  I added the little shades to help...but we really needed something new.  Needless to say just like anything else my husband and I are on opposite ends of the design spectrum when it comes to decorating and picking something new.   
 This was a compromise light fixture.  It is similar to the one in the dining room and we both like elements about it.  It is very bright compared to the old light fixture. Luckily we can have it on a dimmer switch.   

Next I wanted to find something I could display some of my Starbucks travel mugs that I have collected or the kids have given me.  I LOVE this rack from Magnolia Market.  I have seen Joanna use it in some of the houses she has fixed up and her own kitchen.     
 After we hung up the rack, my husband said it is not that sturdy. He could not put it in both I can only put a couple of my mugs on the rack.  In order to display my whole collection I would need at least three racks.  I think that would look cluttered so I am going to change out the mugs.  I think it looks better with the mugs scattered anyways. 
It's a simple little change but it still does not add clutter to the kitchen.  I am excited about the little shelf from Target it will be a fun way to add a touch of each holiday/season to the kitchen.  

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