Tuesday, July 5, 2016

My Self Care Plan for 2016

I think I have written a similar post seven hundred times.  I always start out with the best intentions and somewhere along the line things fall apart.  As a mentioned in my post after reading the Fringe Hours I am taking this year starting now in July to Just Breathe and find time for myself.  

I am spending a lot of time focusing on taking care of myself.  What does my self care plan look like exactly?????   

1.  I am working on de-clutter my personal space.  I am doing this little by little each day.   

2.  I am working on developing morning and evening routines that I can follow throughout my entire life not just the summer months.  

3.  I am drinking even MORE water and trying(struggling) to cut back on sugar.  

4.  I want to plan some a personal retreat day for myself at least once a month to sit back and re-evaluate how I am doing on my goals and guidelines.

5.  I want to go back to planning my meals for the week to insure that I am eating healthy and a variety of foods.     

My Morning Routine begins at 5:30am.

1.  Take AM Medicine with 16oz glass of water.

2.  First Five Minutes Read Daily Prayer and Review Affirmations and Vision Board.

3.  Exercise Daily....No Excuses!

4.  Healthy Breakfast and Read for fifteen minutes.

5.  Shower and Begin the day!

My Evening Routine begins at 8:00pm.

1.  Check in on Step Count...What more do I need to do to hit my goal???

2.  Check in Journal...set expectations/tasks for tomorrow/gratitude chart

3.  Take PM meds and get ready for bed.

4.  Read for at least 30 minutes. 

5.  Lights out by 9:30pm.   

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