Friday, July 8, 2016

Full-Time Grandparents for a Week

My son and daughter-in-law went on a two week adventure to Europe at the beginning of June.  That left both sets of grandparents responsible for a week of babysitting.  My husband and I had the second week and we had a wonderful time with our grand-daughter.  My husband took the week off of work so we could go on mini-adventures together.  

Our first adventure was the zoo.  We went along with some of our younger relatives.  They were great at showing our Little Peanut all the big animals at the zoo.  They introduced us to the new baby giraffe.  Then showed us the elephants which were making funny sounds and the polar bear that walked back and forth.  However our Little Peanut loved the bird house the best.  Unfortunately for her she didn't missed the part where the bird pooped on papa's hat.   

On Sunday it was Father's Day so we dressed up our Little Peanut and gave her some flowers so she could take a pretty picture for her daddy.  She was more interested in picking apart the flower.  We could not get the dog to stay out of the picture.


Grandma and Papa spent time each day teaching Little Peanut to brush her teeth, go down her new slide and to drink out of a cup. One of the things we learned about our Little Peanut is how much she likes to play with her doggie.  Every chance she gets she is trying to take the dog's toys away and then give it right back. She sure loves her doggie. 

One night, Uncle Mike came to watch the USA soccer game on TV.  He said we had to dress up in USA colors if we were going to watch the game with him.  Little Peanut loves to watch soccer on TV.

We took our Little Peanut to the beach one morning.  She loved playing in the sand.  She was not to excited about walking in the lake water however when we got home we put her in the little pool.  She loved that!

We had an amazing week with our grand daughter.  It was a wonderful way to really get to know her and all the little things and ways about her.  She is a happy and fun loving little girl.  

Now Mommy and Daddy are home and she is very happy to be with them again.  She loves to do things with her family.  We went with her to her first 4th of July parade.  She was so fun to watch.  She loved seeing the police cars and the fire trucks.  When someone threw candy to her....she threw it back.  

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