Friday, August 26, 2016

Charming Bookstores

One thing that is hard to find these days is a small book store.  I love going to small book stores and looking through the shelves and finding new books. When I was little my dad would take me to book stores for hours.  I would sit and read in the children's section while he looked in the history section. I cannot walk out of a book store without buying at least one book.  
  "You Got  Mail" Pinterest

Back in the 80's I even wanted to open up my own children's book store after seeing the movie You Got Mail.  I would love to spend my day find wonderful books for children to read.  

"You Got Mail" Pinterest
"You Got Mail"  Pinterest

I was heartbroken when Meg Ryan's character had to close her book store.  The store was so perfect.  

Today for my daydream I am looking at charming bookstores.  I found some adorable pictures to share.  

I love the white painted wood on the outside of the shop.  It brighten ups the inside. AND look at all the people inside looking at books.  WOW that really warms my heart.   
My two favorites together..... a book store and a bike.  This looks like it is on the east coast somewhere.  That would be ride your bike to the book store (no need for a lock) get a couple books and head home for some lemonade.     

This looks inviting.   I love all the red.  It pops next to the trees.  It looks like a wonderful place to get lost looking at books.  
This is an absolute adorable children's section.  I love all the characters hanging from the ceiling.  


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