Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Mini Retreat Day .....Just For Yourself

Recently I decided to take an afternoon for myself away from the house....No housework, no blogging, no school work, just time to myself....for just relaxing and reflecting...A MINI RETREAT.   

I decided I would go downtown to the Third Ward area.  It has a lot of trending little shops to do some window shopping and lots of cafes to find a place to read.  

Of course ended up at Starbucks because I know I can drink a Venti Iced Passion Tea Lemonade and enjoy a Gluten Free Rice Krispie.  Not to mention they have free WIFI.  

I read an e-book that I recently purchased in a bundle, A Guide to Giving Yourself a Personal Planning Day.  You can get it for free at Erin's website.  It was perfect for guiding me through my first mini retreat.  It helped me set some personal goals and think through some ideas that were running through my head.  

It was so relaxing to just sit and read and make some plans.  I did make a few decisions/observations about my quiet time:
  1.  I needed a notebook just for this I can make notes and follow up on those ideas next time. 
  2.  I needed a  pencil bag with some colorful pens. 
  3.  I would like to do a mini retreat four times a year:  Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.  I am thinking at the beginning of each season to reflect and set direction.  
  4.  Take some headphones....I was trying to focus on my own thoughts and there were several people talking loud around me.  I just want to hear my own thoughts.  
  5.  I need to create a musical playlist that is calming so that it doesn't infer with my thoughts.  
  6.  Go someplace different each time so that I can explore a little on my own.    

Taking a few hours to yourself is really beneficial.  I always think I have to many things to get down but really finding time to think and reflect is just as important.  It helps me set direction for my future.  

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