Friday, August 19, 2016

Our Five Year House Plan

One idea that Ruth writes about in her book is to sit down with your spouse and draw up goals for various things in your life.  So my husband and I to sat down and came up a five your plan for our house.  We picked five years for our time line because my husband should retire in five years.  

We haven't decided if we want to stay in this house or downsize to a smaller house.  We do agree several things must be down before we sell.  

First on our list for this Fall is remodel both our upstairs bathrooms.  We put together a list of things to consider when we meet with a contractor...

Bathroom Ideas

1. Complete one bathroom at a time.  We must have one bathroom available for daily use.   Ideally we would like the project to be back to back so that we can just clean up the upstairs once. 
2.  All new upstairs doors Wood or White????? Still Deciding 
3.  Main Bathroom first because the shower leaks.
4.  Shut off values under the sinks. 

Idea photos taken from Pinterest 
 Main Bathroom
1.Framed Mirror
2.outlets in top 2 drawers
3.shelf on side walls
4. white tile/tub/shelves on walls
5.Recess lightening/No soffits
6.  New Fan and vent to the attic
7. Keep My Shower head
8.  white cabinet/quartz counter top
9. towel rack

Idea photos taken from Pinterest
Master Bedroom
1. New High Rise/long Grate Bowl
2.  No Soffit/recess lighting
3. 3 drawer vanity
4.  New door
5. White cabinet/quartz counter top
6. Medicine cabinet above sink
7. Walk in shower
8.Raise Shower head
9.Shelf in shower (back or corner)
10.Towel rack
11. Fan vented to the attic
12.Small Shelf Above Toilet or on Wall by shower if possible (We do not want to interfere with piping and Kitchen ceiling) 

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