Monday, August 15, 2016

Surprise Birthday at a Baseball Game

For the past several weeks my children and I have been secretly conspiring behind my husband's back planning a surprise birthday party for him at a baseball game.  It is one thing to plan a party at your house however to take the party on the road is another thing.  Then the rained all morning...and then the heat came...90 degrees with 90 percent humidity.  It was a hot day!  

You can tell from the pictures below he was surprised.  My son and I did get to many pictures because we were so busy setting up things and cooking.  

My daughter and I the cookies ahead of time and cut up a fruit salad and veggie tray.  My oldest son rented a huge grill and cooked hamburgers, brats and corn on the cob with his brother.  My sister in law made german potato salad.  The food was delicious!!

My husband had a great time with his brothers, nephews and family. Even little Haddie went to her very first baseball game. Unfortunately the Brewers lost 11-5.  

The sugar cookie recipe is from my mother in laws recipe box.  A family favorite.  

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