Friday, August 12, 2016

My Bullet Journal

I stumbled across Bullet Journaling in the Spring on my Pinterest feed.  I decided that it might be a good idea for me to write down my daily goals.  I had been struggling with getting things done and focusing and was feeling so disorganized. So I started a bullet journal. I know there are expensive notebooks and symbols for the process however I have a million blank notebooks so I just grabbed one of my notebooks from my collection of blank notebooks and just started.  

I did a search on Pinterest and developed some of my own pages.  Now bare in mind I don't have a fancy bullet journal,  I am not an artist nor do I have fancy handwriting.  

I start each month with a basic calendar.  On the left side of the page I write personal appointments and on the right side I write the school schedule and events.   

On the bottom of the page I write my monthly goals.  
Each week I have a planning sheet.  Each night I try to write three personal goals for the day and three professional goals.  At the top of the left side I have my habit checker.  Each week I have habits that I am trying to work on such as my morning routine, read every day, work on projects, etc.  
I made a monthly calendar to write something I am grateful for each day.  After a couple days I started to write down a good deed for each day as well.  

I made another monthly calendar to help me plan out my blogging posts as well.  This calendar has been wonderful.  Every time I get an idea I write it down and then when I have time to write I know what I want to say.  

I made a page to keep track of my biking miles.  I haven't biked as much as I wanted to but I hope to do better.

 At the end of my notebook I created a bookshelf.  On my bookshelf I made a list of books I want to read.  After I read the book I color in the book.  Also if the book is on my Kindle write my highlighted notes in the back of my notebook. It makes it easier for me to remember what I was thinking when I read the book.   

Under the bookshelf I have a list of TV shows and movies I want to watch. 

I love my bullet journal.  It has really helped me focus and accomplish more things daily.  

In my next book I want to add a couple more pages:

  • Yearly Personal Goals
  • Blogging Goals and Stats
  • Expense Page for Blogging 

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