Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Book Review--The Positively Present Guide to Life

I am a sucker for these feel good make the most of your life books and they all say the same things....pretty much. I try my best to find one thing to incorporate into my life each time I read one.   

There were some things that Dani(the author) mentioned that I took time to reflect on.

Identify any negativity in your life....what causes you to be unhappy or stressed or excessively nervous!

The two big areas for me that cause stress and anxiety....again no big surprise are my weight issues and my struggles with my stomach.  

Love and Appreciate Who You Are!

Dani calls it "self love" how can you show yourself self love....

  • be positive with your words and thoughts each day
  • treat your body and mind with kindness each day
  • Eat well
  • Rest when you need it
  • adopt an attitude of gratitude
  • spend time with the people you love
  • spend time on your hobbies

One idea I started based on Dani's book is a Retreat Afternoon.  I am going to schedule one afternoon a month to go someplace and reflect and do something just for me.

Another idea I incorporated into by bullet journal based on Dani's book is a Gratitude page.  I put a heart next to something/someone I am grateful for each day.  After a week I decided to add a smiley face for good deeds I was doing.  I am trying to nice things for other people as well. 

As far as personal growth I decided I need to challenge my self to break a bad habit.  My bad habit is eating sweets.  I gave up ALL chocolate in January hoping that would help my stomach and that helped however I am eating other sweets to take the place of chocolate.  Several of the books I read said sugar could be another factor bothering my stomach.  Really.....I really don't eat that many different foods. However if I want to feel better I must commitment myself fully to doing the right thing.  

Dani wrote...If you really want to stop, you have to commit mind, body and going back and no excuses.  

So today I am committing my mind, body and soul to giving up candy and cookies.  That includes: mints, fruit snacks and rice krispies. 
This is a big step for me because honestly this is only real foods left that I eat for enjoyment.  

I am going to keep track in my bullet journal daily and if I succeed for the week and my reward will be a Venti Iced Passion Tea from Starbucks. (Another thing I am going to limit myself.)  I am going to enlist help my daughter....she is the best accountability person I know.  She is not afraid to call me on my mistakes.  

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