Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What I Learned in August


I spent a good chunk of the month reading another book by Ruth Soukup, How to Blog for Profit.  I don't know if I am ready to take that step yet, however I did gain some advice to improve my blogging skills.  

Decide what your blog is about and plan your editorial calendar around the main pillars of your blog.
I spent a lot of time of Ruth's first thought.  My blog is a lifestyle blog which I focus on craft project, organizing home ideas, recipes and self care ideas.  I tried to get my main tool bar to reflect those main pillars of my blog. 

I am almost finished relabeling my blog posts in my main categories. Then I want to eliminate that long list on the side of my blog.   

Create Lots of Goals for your blog
Create long term blogging goals 
These long term goals I have on back of my office door.  I try to reread them as often as possible.  

Create a year @ a glance and brainstorm ideas for blogging
I really liked this idea because I was writing from post to post with no real direction.  By setting some goals I have certain things that I must post each week, for example a recipe.  
Create monthly goals...create a monthly calendar
I ran into this idea when I started my bullet journal and I love it. I plan out each week my writing goals.  I can see what ideas I have and I am trying to tie ideas together.  

Work on improving your photos  (Have a look to your style)
This is an area that I really need to improve.  I take all my photos on my phone because I do not have a professional camera.  I want to take some online photo classes this Fall and hopefully start saving for a new camera.  

Improve your Pinterest Home Page
I started this a long time ago but never finished the project.  I need to finish the project and rearrange my boards.  

Improve your Me Page
This is definitely on my list of things to do.  Nice headshot of me would be great along with some nice photos of my main focus of the blog.  

Make connections
I need to reach out more in the blogging community and get involved and collaberate more with other bloggers.

Figure out what questions people ask you over and over then create a product and fill that need....ebook
This one is harder for me...things people ask me to do organizing, decorating, teaching are all things people have already written plenty of books about.  I need to think of a new way to present my ideas.  

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