Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Gift of Education

As an educator you never know what your impact may be on a student. I have taught first grade and kindergarten my entire teaching career and many of my students have come back and thanked me for teaching them how to read.  

Truth be told they would have learned to read without me.  I am always jealous of middle school, high school and college teachers who tell stories of how they influenced the lives of their students.  
I mean real life changing influence.

At my son's graduation he searched for his favorite professor for about 20 minutes because he wanted to thank him and take his picture with him. 

My son went back to the college several times after graduating just to talk to this professor.  Sadly the professor passed away last year.  My son found a quote from the speech he gave at his graduation and wanted to put it with his picture.

After a long time of procrastination on my part we came up with a plan and that is my project this week.  He wanted me to hand write the quote on the mat of the picture frame.  

It's a nice way to remember someone who influenced your life.  

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