Friday, October 21, 2016

The Simple Joys of Life

I had a wonderful week with my grand daughter.  My husband and I  went to the pumpkin farm with her and her parents.  

She was amazed by everything she saw.  She loved the hayride and the tractor.  She smiled the whole time we rode on it and pointed at the people and the apple trees.   When we arrived at the pumpkin patch she was thrilled to see the pumpkins.  We had to touch every pumpkin she could see.  Her mom and dad found a little pumpkin for her.  She thinks it is a ball and she picks it up and throws it.  

On Wednesday her mommy had a doctor's appointment so I was able to baby sit.  We went outside for a walk.  The leaves are falling by us now and my little sweetheart is very aware of all the leaves.  We had to stop and touch every leaf we found on the sidewalk.  Then we came across some old leaves and she discovered they make a "crunch" sound.  I taught her to throw the leaves up in the air.  She sat on the sidewalk for 25 minutes and played with the leaves.  

It just goes to show you the best things in life are FREE!

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