Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October Week 3 -- Cleaning Garage and Cars

This week my organizing challenge is the garage and I have to admit, our garage is ugly. It desperately needs a facelift.  None of our cabinets match and the garage needs to be painted.  

However it is organized and cleaned.  Over the past few years we have purchased cabinets and a tool bench with wheels.  If you live in a cold weather state you will appreciate the ability to moved everything out of your garage and wash it down in the summer. However because we purchased our cabinets over a ten year period we ended up with cabinets that do not match, they are similar but not exact.  

We have three large cabinets that store most small items in our garage.
Cabinet 1 has a lot of items we use a lot.

  • dog items
  • bike items
  • garage bags
  • glass jars
  • shopping bags
  • garden supplies
  • small flags 

Cabinet 2 has less used items in it, you know things we only use once or twice though out the year.  

  • tools/mini vacuum cleaner
  • bubble and sidewalk chalk
  • different types of sports balls
  • mats for the cars
  • buckets for washing the cars

Cabinet 3 is mainly for storing rags and old sheets.

We also have our winter boots we use for shoveling and going up north.

We swept all the leaves out of the garage and I cleaned the little wagon and covered it up for the winter.  

I cleaned all the junk out of my car and put the ice scraper in it. 

Now I have a moment to dream, here is one of my dream garage ideas.   


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