Monday, October 17, 2016

October Week 2 -- Preparing for Winter

The weather is definitely changing here, it was 35 degrees this morning when I woke up.  However I love the Fall Season.  The leaves are just starting to change colors and I get to wear my jeans and favorite sweaters again.  The air smells so fresh and there are apple pies for sale everywhere.  

This week for my organizing job I am organizing the front closet. This is not a fancy closet or anything.  It is just a basic closet that we use everyday for coats and stuff.  

I have a mental checklist as I work through this closet:

1.  Are there any coats, scarves, hat or mittens that I no longer want....I will donate those.

2.  Then I go through I all the bins on the shelves making sure the gloves all have a match.  If there is to much stuff in a bin I try to weed out and donate some items...i.e. My husband's cap collection.  He seems to accumulate a lot of free caps throughout the year.  

3.  Next I clean everything out and wash the shelves, walls, and floor....and our winter jackets and spray my boots. 

4.  Lots of times I find "summer items"  flip flops, bike shoes, and rain gear, I put those away for next year.  We will need room for our winter boots.   

Then everything goes back in.  Granted my closet is organized for adults, I don't have to worry about little children getting ready. When you organize your closet you have to make it functional for you.  
Boy's Side

Girl's side

We have always organized our big front closet by boys and girls.  Yes we had four boys and two girls, however the girls had more stuff.  Plus we keep the dining room table extensions on the girl side of the closet.  This worked for us, you have to keep organizing and re-organizing until you find what works best for you.   

Now it's just a his and hers front closet and yet we still manage to fill it up.  

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