Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New Arrival

The past week and a half have been crazy,  I have been running between my house and my son's house to get ready for our newest family member, Noah.  

He is so tiny....compared to his sister.  We have been so busy painting and getting his room ready.  Luckily we finished the basics in the room when we did because he come one day earlier than we planned. 

We do need to add some decorations in the room yet.  My son and his wife want to make the room a sports theme room for their little baby boy.  They found baby sheets on Amazon..

Now we need to find some room decorations.  I found some cute ideas on Etsy for my son and his wife to look at.

$65  source
$75 source




I already found a wire basket for the the balls at Target.  Now I am looking for pillow balls to go in it.  I found a large basketball at Ikea and my son already had a soccer ball.  I found a soft GB Packer ball at Target.  Now I need to search on Amazon to find a pillow baseball.  

This is a super cute idea for the the balls of his big moment.

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