Wednesday, November 23, 2016

My Third Bullet Journal

My time with my second Bullet Journal is almost over.  I love this journal I have so many good notes in it I hate to see it go.  I will miss seeing the Eiffel Tower everyday as well.   

I have to be honest, my Bullet Journal is not like the fancy ones you see on Pinterest. In fact I don't actually follow the Bullet Journal guidelines.  My last two journals I just took two cute notes and started to map out things and my weekly schedule in them.  
Here is a sample of my weekly layout page.  I have my daily trackers on top and then my to do lists.  It is nothing great and I always write in pencil. I think that is the first grade teacher in me.   However I like writing in pencil because events and my to do list are always changing.  Pencil allows for easy changes.  

My third Bullet Journal will be an Official Leuchtturm 1917 Notebook. I purchased one to see what all the hype is about.  My first impressions are I love the color and size of it.  I am not sure if I like the space between the dots.  It is a little small for me. However I have to give it a try before I really give feedback.   

 Each month I have a list of Events/Appointments.  A new page I am adding is an exercise tracker where I can record my daily results from my fitbit. I am trying to make exercise a priority in my life. 
I also created a page to track when I post on social media for my blogs.  I have to be honest, I am not the best at posting yet. My goal is to try to post something at least three times a week for now. 

I also moved my goals page by itself.  I want to break down my goals into five areas: Personal, Home, Blogs, School, and Projects.   I will also record my monthly blog stats there as well.  
I am continuing my Gratitude page.  I think it is important to take a moment each day and reflect and be thankful for the blessings that I have been given to me.  

My blogging page has been amazing.  I take a few minutes each month and try to brainstorm and plan some possible ideas for posts.  It makes it a lot easier to focus and write. 
 I am leaving my weekly layout the same.  It works for me.  What I am adding to my third bullet journal is color.  I don't have time to draw out fancy pages however I have tons of stickers.  So I decided to use some of my sticker collection to add some fun into my bullet journal.  
Another page I am adding is a Monthly Memory Page.  A place to put a couple photos and write down some important events, milestones or quotes.  I am excited to see what ends up on this page. 

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