Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Reading

This month has been absolutely crazy.  I have not been able to read as much as I would like.  However I did make some time to read these two books.  

I really enjoyed reading 168 Hours You Have More Time Than You Think by Laura Vanderkam. I wrote some of my thoughts from the beginning of the book at the end of October.   

We find space and time for what really matters.
This is the main point of the book.  If it is important to you than you need to be willing to make major changes in your life, give us some TV time, give up some computer time, find some time during your lunch hour.  You have to find time to make thinks happen.  

If you want to be healthy you must exercise 3 to 5 hours a week to see real change.  Make 5 hours your goal.  
To me this is the most important thing I need to do for myself.  I need to make myself a priority and exercise DAILY! I am working on this now!  

I'm in charge of me.  Everything I do every minute I spend is my choice.
This I struggle with because there are so many things and people I want to do I have a hard time focusing and getting things done.  

Things I do best:  Mom/Grandma, organizing, teaching and creative projects.  

My kids know that if they call me I will drop everything and help them and that is the way it should be however sometimes it takes over every moment of my life and I have nothing left for myself.  

I need to find balance and structure in my life.  I liked the idea of creating a weekly schedule.  

This book is well written and gives you a lot to think about.  I would give this book 4 stars.  

The second book I read was Winter Stroll by Elin Hilderbrand.   I read through the book quickly over the Thanksgiving weekend.  What I didn't know when I started this book is that it is part 2 in a three part series.  So I felt  little lost at first and didn't understand some of the situations.  I would give this book 3 stars.  

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