Monday, June 12, 2017

From an Ugly Duckling to Beautiful Swan

When we looked at our house some years years ago, I said to my husband, I hate the bathrooms.  He said, don't worry about it that is something we can fix.  However, he did not say it would take twenty years.  But finally the day has come and we are making changes in the upstairs 60's bathrooms.  I mean really who thought small brownish tiles make a nice counter top.  

Then there is the master bathroom which is the size of a tiny closet and it is avocado green.  REALLY, I am not joking.  There is absolutely no storage space available in the room.  

This is our main bathroom now.  Our children don't live home any more and I have taken over the main bathroom.  So I picked out the tall wall cabinets to keep my make up and hair products hidden. I have tinted glass in the cabinets that match the window in the master bathroom.  I love the drawers on the right hand side of the bathroom instead of a cabinet.  It is a lot easier to organize things.  
The main bathroom shower and the master bathroom shower are the same.  We picked the same white subway tile.  I wanted the bathrooms to be somewhat similar.  However you can tell my bathroom is a bit girlie by the shower curtain and the white cabinets.  

The most important thing we did in this bathroom was get rid of the ugly green and put in more storage. It's hard to see on the cabinet but it has two small drawers on the left and a cabinet on the right.  Although the drawers look small they are very long.  The mirror is also deceiving but it is a built in medicine cabinet with three wonderful shelves.  Now my husband does not have to keep things on the counter.  

I just LOVE the shelves in the showers.  It is really nice to have a place for the shampoo and conditioner. No more ugly hanging rusty racks to clean....yeah! 

Now it's time to organize the drawers and cabinets and find some decorations for the walls.   

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