Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Balancing Housework

This is me and my honey in our old age.  I can't wait to retire some day and do the things we want to do. :)

First of all I know I spoil my children rotten.  I do my son's wash and he is 23.  I do my daughter's wash because she is taking 19 credits in college and working part time.  She brings it home on the weekends she goes to school only 20 minutes away.  So I know I bring on a lot of unnecessary work. But thats what moms do to help out their children.  

I still do a major of the house jobs......I'm not sure why. My husband works late do I...another sore subject I don't ever want to open the discussion about. 

But here I am doing what I need to make things go better for me.  So after a great deal of thought, during my husband's concert last night.  I came up with a schedule similar to my school schedule.  Where I plan to spread out the housework during the week.  

Monday:  Wash White Load of Clothes & Clean Family Room

Tuesday:  Wash Darks & Clean Living Room/Dining Room

Wednesday:  Wash T-Shirts & Clean Craft Area/Basement

Thursday:  Wash Towels & Clean Hallways/Laundry Room

Friday:  Wash Dress Clothes & Clean Kitchen Floor

Saturday:  Wash Jeans and Sweat Clothes
           Clean My Bedroom (I do not clean my adult children's                rooms.)
           Review Weekly Menu

Sunday:  Wash Sandy's Clothes
         Clean Bathrooms
         Food Shopping

It goes without saying, I clean the kitchen everyday. :)

My real hope in developing this schedule is that it will help me be more focused each week on what needs to be done.....thereby freeing up more time to do fun projects.  


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Toni said...


Its really simple to operate the silhouette machine. Once you get it, just follow the directions I gave on my blog. After you print out your vinyl you will peel the top off the vinyl and peel off the top of the transfer paper and put them together. Then you can peel the back off the vinyl and apply to the wall. :0) Really simple. Im happy for you to get one. Share your stuff!!