Friday, April 29, 2011

Look What I Found :)

As you know from reading my blog ... I love mason jars....especially the blue jars.   

I blogged about jars four times already.  On Feb. 5th I found this picture... and I wrote how I wished I had blue jars too.

I have told my husband this as well. 

 So as we are driving to the antique shop to sell a few things his dad ask him to take now that he is moving out of his house....

I looked back in the car and there are two blue mason jars.....I mean really.... he is going to take them to the shop and not say anything to me.  

This is my proof he does not listen to a word I say.    

I know his mom had blue jars and I said something to him several times and he said my sister law had took them, Fine I understand.. 

Really...he finds two more and then he doesn't even think to ask me if I want them.....

I know that one jar does not have a cover and the other does not have an old cover....but it does not matter to me....they belonged to his mom.  That's all that is important to me.  They will be a daily reminder of everything she taught me.

While at the antique shop I purchased two more jars..... a large one and a medium one.  Now I have a beginning of a little display on my dining room table.  
The two little jars belonged to my mother in law and I was thrilled that the lid of the large jar fit on the small jar. 

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