Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Organizing Coupons

As always Toni at Bowl Full of Lemons has me thinking.......am I doing things the most efficient way possible.  For example.....my coupons.  

I am not the best person at cutting out and collecting and remembering to take my coupons to the store.  When I did my first challenge at BFOL, I organized our desk and bulletin board and made these cute envelopes for our coupons.  

It was helpful and organized but still my husband and I are attaching coupons to the refrigerator.  

Then I get to the store and "Oh Yeah....I forgot my coupons!"  My purse has this mass mess of coupons inside.  This does not sound like an organized system.

Last week, Toni, introduced the Krazy Coupon Lady. AMAZING !!!!!    She has a whole binder system for coupons.  I went to her website and printed out her Table of Contents. WOW!!  Impressive to say the least.  However,  I need to make it work for me.   I do not need 37 different categories.   I also want it to line up with my favorite grocery store to save time when I am shopping.  I want a separate categories for Target coupons, Mall coupons, and restaurant coupons.  

I think I can do this................The supplies Toni suggests are needed for this project....
I love this pattern from Target.....I had already bought two small notebooks in yellow and red.     I was soooo excited to see this project done in this pattern.  Oh Yeah....   I am totally copying her idea!!!!

I went to Target and picked up the binder....yeah it was in the yellow pattern, my favorite.  Some file folders.   There were no plastic sheets there.

Not to worry, my son works and Walmart and we will stop there and pick them up and a label maker, and use his 10% employee discount. 

I remade a new Table of Contents for myself based on my needs....

And  Tah Dah.........
My New Coupon Book!!!!!

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