Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pencil Bins

I put together a simple project for my classroom.....
Last school year I had my pencils in this cute frog container I found at Target years ago.....

Well this coming school year I am changing my theme to owls... you may have already seen the cute owls the kids made for the doorway.

So now I need something new to put my pencils in....I found these white and green buckets at Michaels at the beginning of the summer.

While browsing in the little girl bedding department at Target (which my daughter says I have no business being in since she is 21  )  I found this adorable roll of vinyl owl stickers.

I cut out the owls and reduced them to 50% on my color printer and cut them out again.

Then with MOD PODGE....
side note:  Is it just me.....whenever I work with this stuff it reminds me of Girl Scout Camp!

I made two for my pencils and pens and the other one for the childrens' reading sticks.  

Sorry you will have to  wait for final pictures when I am back in my classroom.  :(

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