Thursday, July 7, 2011

Healthy Recipe

As you can see in this family photo.......I need to continue to work on my diet.   It has been a life long struggle for me.  One of my goals in developing my recipe book is to find meals that are made with as many natural, whole wheat, ingredients as possible.

So as I am going through the book each week I am trying to add at least one new salad meal.  This week I found a  Chicken Mango Salad at the Kraft Foods Recipe site.

We enjoyed it but we thought it needed something.......a spice.....herb......something extra.

It was very easy to make.......

4 boneless chicken breasts marinaded in 2 mangos that where cut and peeled and blended---then 1/2 balsamic dressing-----I saved 1/2 the mixture for later when you serve the salad.

As you grill the chicken.....

Wash and  cut the baby spinach and put in a large bowl.....

Cut--hull--and cut strawberries into quarters and add to bowl

Cut and peel the another mango and add to bowl

Add slices of red onion

The recipe calls for almonds.....but we can not have we went with croutons instead.

I let my family members add their own mango mixture to the salad to their taste.....

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