Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Project for 2011

Did you ever see something and want something the moment you saw it?   That is how I felt about the laundry organizer.  For years I have had these large tubs for our laundry that lined the hallways.they sat in the extra bedrooms when the kids went off to college. 
But now that two of our boys are out on their own and we do not need these big buckets anymore.  When I saw this laundry organizer from Ana.White , I knew it would be perfect for our house.    I could not convince my husband to build it for me. 
So I took matters in my own hands and asked my 14 year old nephew, who has some building experience, to build the organizer for me.  I primed them, and put two coats of white paint on them.    I put one coat of polyurethane finish on them.  

I labeled my baskets and now I am so pleased with the results.

Before the tubs were all over the room

Now.the baskets hide behind the door

..Big improvement in the room.  


Anna said...

Awesome! That looks great.


Hydrangeas and Harmony said...

Props to your nephew! They look great.