Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week Eleven Menu

May is an extremely busy month for me.  I have a lot of cleaning and simplifying to do in my kindergarten classroom.  Plus add on the responsibilities of mother's day gifts, father's day gifts, report cards, end of the year scrapbooks (one for each of the 20 children in my class) and pulling together volunteer gifts, end of the year kindergarten program and the  pirate adventure (which is the last day of kindergarten)  .... did I mention I am suppose to teach the children something. 

My blood pressure starts to rise just thinking about all these things.   However I plan on accomplishing  all of this one step at a time.   OH  I ALMOST FORGOT... two of my own children are graduating from college, May 12 & May 20.  

My plan is to handle these projects one step at a time.    This week my menu is easy meals that I can make quickly with out much effort and clean up.  

PS  The Graphic on my menu page if from Eric Carle's blog...The very hungry caterpillar is a reminder of my very busy week.   

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