Saturday, July 14, 2012

Door County Wisconsin

This week my husband and I took a couple of days to rest and relax.  We went up North to the beautiful Door County, Wisconsin.  

We wanted to go to the Peninsula State Park and bike ride; however, because of my fractured elbow we had to pass on that.   So we took a drive through the park instead.   We stopped in the park and saw an old lighthouse. 

One of the things I love most about Door County is the white buildings.  Just imagine a whole town of white buildings, so cute.

Of course we ate at Wilson’s Diner and had some ice cream.  Yummy.

These wonderful tall flowers are growing all over the county.  It was so beautiful.

We did lots of shopping however I was a bit disappointed.  There are lots of art galleries but I was looking for more antique shops and I had a hard finding some.  In fact I didn’t bring home anything fun to work on.  That was disappointing because I was looking for two things.

 Of course we went to the wineries and did a little taste testing. That was lots of fun.  We came home with lots of delicious bottles of wine.

The best part of the entire trip was reading each night by the beach and watching the sunset.  I have about 20 sunset pictures however I will share my favorite three. 

We enjoyed our mini vacation so much we picked our dates to go back up for fall already.  

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the photos of one of my favorite summer vacation places!
Going there myself in two weeks and can't wait to experience the specialness of Door County.