Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Little Red Chair

The rabbits are enjoying my basil plants in my herb garden so I had to purchase some new plants.  I decided not to plant the new plants in the garden area again.  
 I had this idea to put them in a white pot on a red chair.

 Right away I got busy working sanding and painting, I don’t know what happened to my before pictures put here is my before bucket picture, actually
 there is no point in showing you the picture because my husband decided to replant the plants in this green thing.

Ok that is really too big for my little bucket.

Now I am scrambling at three different stores to find the right size for the green thing.  The plants were growing so nicely I didn’t want to replant them again.
Long story short with no pictures,
I found a chair last year at a flea market and I have been waiting for the right idea for it.   I sprayed it red to match my backyard theme and put a coat of
To keep it shiny.
I cleaned up the ugly spot in my backyard and now my basil plant has a new home. 
 I sprayed the pot white and sponge painted red polka dots on it.  I found this pink ribbon with ladybugs on it. 
This was just a fun project taking something old and turning it into something cute to enjoy.

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