Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Just For Me

This room is a bittersweet room for me.  It marks the end of an era as it has become a transition room.   My two boys once shared this room until their older brother moved out and from that point it has been up for grabs.  The three boys have each moved in and out of that room several times.  It sat as a junk room for two years until I cleaned it out….twice.  I want it to be my closet however I have to fight for the room daily. 

Now that I cleaned it out and set it up as my  closet/guest room everyone left at home seems to like the room.   My husband does his morning stretches in there and my son and daughter still like to dump their junk in there when they can. 

However I am persistent, I am slowly organizing and decorating the room and making it as girly as possible.  This week I reorganized the baskets and labeled them. 

This will be helpful so when my husband wants something he can easily find it.  (like the Kleenex and toilet paper)  I made the little tags with my silhouette machine.   I also labeled the baskets in the closet  to help organize our seasonal clothes.

When I went to the church rummage sale there was this old picture,
perfect for some  subway art. 

 I repainted the frame with white spray paint.   I use black contact paper for the background, because I could not find the chalkboard contact paper that everyone is talking about.  Plus I had a ton of free black contact paper left over from another project.  I make some letters with my silhouette machine.
This was a just for me project because  nobody really sees this room except for me.  Nobody really cares if the baskets are organized, except for me.  However, I am happier when I feel organized and things look beautiful.  These little things make me smile.

Two wish list items for this room:
New comforter and carpet

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