Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 23 & Day 24 Small Details Help Organize My Home

It’s in the small details as I organize my everyday life that help my house become the home I love.  In caring for my home I am looking at the littlest details and how they help my life function easier.

This week I was working on my “closet room.”  My closet room stores all our extra stuff. 

The closet in this room is a mess.  I had two goals for this week:
1.   Clean the closet floor,

2.  Declutter and reorganize the clothes in the closet.
Bonus:  Get rid of these ugly hooks
The first thing we did was take the little hooks off the wall then we put new white sturdy hooks on the wood that went along the wall.  
Now all my bags have a great place to hang.  I do want to patch up all the holes this week and see if I can get a fresh coat of paint in the closet in the next two weeks.  

I went through our clothes and de-cluttered a bit.  I have all my husband's clothes on the white hangers and all mine on the clear hangers.  I colored coordinated my husband's shirts to help him find things easier.

On a different note I found this white comforter at Kohls and I was able to get a great deal on it.  40 percent off + 30 percent off and then I had $50 dollar coupon  ......  what a great deal!   Now I just need to accessorize!  I know you may be thinking the gray comforter looked great, however so did my daughter.  She wanted it in her room.  

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