Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 3 Labor of Love

Homecaring is all about creating a home that is pleasurable for everyone.  I like things organized neatly in baskets my husband could care less.  I like white furniture my husband HATES painted wood.  
So we end up with my side and his side of the bedroom.  It is a balancing act trying to weave together our different styles however I try my best because I want our home to reflect both our styles.
I try hard to respect my husband’s space.  I rarely move things, however once in awhile I have to intervene and clean and de-clutter. 
Today I cleaned out and reorganized my husband’s night stand and top dresser drawer. 

He didn’t like the organizer I put on top of the nightstand last time I cleaned his side, so I removed it. 

I reorganized the nightstand drawer and found lots of lip balm.  The other stuff is important to him so I cleaned out the junk and left behind what he really wanted.

He likes to keep his exercise clothes and clothes he wears after work….on the floor!  So I moved a basket from the extra bedroom next to his dresser for him to put his clothes in.  At least I will not have to see the clothes on the floor.

Finally I opened up his top dresser drawer…YIKES!

I sorted everything into piles and decided that five containers could easily help organize his dresser drawer.  What was best about this organizational project was that I did this without spending a dime.  I just reused things around the house that I already had. 

The end result was with only 30 minutes of time I had a clean and organized area for my husband.  Now that is a caring for my home and family. :)

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Ashley said...

Hmm a basket for those "morning clothes" is a good idea. Both me and my guy have those, and it would be much nicer to have a place for them.