Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 7 Master Bedroom

Cleaning the Master Bedroom
The challenge last week at A Bowl Full of Lemons was to clean the Master Bedroom.  What a wonderful challenge because the master bedroom is always the last room I clean in my house.  

I know you are supposed to set up your master bedroom as your private sanctuary or retreat however I spend so little time in this room I rarely have time to clean it. 

I took several days to clean the room.  Each day I did a little something in the room. 

I cleaned out all my dresser drawers and organized them.

  I went through my clothes and donated items I no longer wear. 

I took the curtains down and washed them.  I washed the floors. 

I made several improvements in my room this month. 

I purchased some new picture frames for pictures that were just sitting on my mirror.

I switched my night stand and 
I added a jewelry organizer. 

It feels good to have a clean and organized bedroom.

My wish list for my bedroom in 2013:
Ikea shoe organizer (I hate the way this shelf looks.)
Spray Paint Picture frames White
Buy White Bedding for the Bedroom
New Candles and flowers
New Chair and New Pillows

This is a picture of my dream bedroom.


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