Friday, March 29, 2013

Life Goals

What Is Your Life Goal?
This is the question the Matthew Kelly asks in his book, The Rhythm of Life.  I have reflected on this question A LOT lately.  As I read through his book, I continued to ask myself this question; I have pondered this for days. 

Right now my life goal is to simplify, clean up, and organize my home and classroom so I can find balance and manage and enjoy my life and relationships with more ease. 

I spend so much time on house work and school work that I rarely spend time on creative projects and “me” time.  I have noticed that when my family gets together I am always preoccupied with mentally lists of what I need to get done, that I don’t get involved in the moment and enjoy the event.

However, I just need to dedicate my self to making sure that I divide up my daily hours fairly on the four basic needs I have:
1.       My physical need…..for daily exercise.
2.     My emotional need…for relationships.
3.     My intellectual need….for reading and reflecting.
4.     My spiritual need…for silence and prayer.

I don’t want to rush through everything like a crazy person; my goal is to set up a plan to accomplish by the end of summer. 

The one thing I did right this Lent was keeping the last fifteen minutes of the day for reading.   It gave me a sense of calmness at the end of the day.  

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